How to Buy a CryptoPunk - Where to Buy a CryptoPunk safely and securely OFFICIAL WEBSITE

 How to Buy a CryptoPunk - Where to Buy a CryptoPunk

The official CryptoPunks website allows you to connect your wallet to purchase an official punk on the secondary market.

Visit the official website.

If you are not certain the website is a legitimate website, then do not click on the link and do not connect your wallet. Do not purchase on other websites.

Double check with other sources such as the official CryptoPunks twitter page:

CryptoPunks was bought out by Yuga in 2022.

History of the CryptoPunks:

CryptoPunks officially launch in June of 2017. They were offered for free and the buyers only had to pay for gas fees. There were 10,000 created at the time and it wasn't until the Crypto Bull market and NFTs hitting mainstream media that NFTs took off including CryptoPunks being the OG of the NFT industry.