What is the Ethereum Merge? Eth Merge - What to expect? How to profit from the Eth Merge? When will Eth Merge Take place? What date is the Eth Merge

The Merge is estimated to take place on September 14, 2022.

Follow the official twitter: https://twitter.com/ethereum

or read the Ethereum foundation blog: https://blog.ethereum.org/2022/08/24/mainnet-merge-announcement


spreadsheet to record (track) everything that happens

You don't want the chain to go to zero

and you don't want anyone to come along to change the history


copy the file

from that point onward, 

each one will maintain their own records

proof of work chain

majority is going to proof of stack

chain ID

Applies to the main net chain, or polygon, or test nets

POW is not changing chain ID

Two of everything

NFTs may have two sets of NFTs, since there will be two sets of ledgers


Do not touch the POW (proof of works)