What is the Metaverse - Metaverse definition defined - How to define - Metaverse Explained

What is the Metaverse - Metaverse definition defined - How to define - Metaverse Explained

Metaverse is still being defined.

The metaverse is the merging of the values and experiences of the physical and digital worlds into one place. Not everything will be in the metaverse, or not everything will fit into the metaverse.

Metaverse explained using Travel:

Pre web, pre internet, in order to travel to some other location in the world, you had a few options. The most obvious was booking a plane or train ticket to a select destination. If you didn't have access to go to this destination, how else could you experience this place? You options would be from books, encyclopedias, photos and other people's word accounts through word of mouth.

With the birth of the internet, you still had the option to travel physically to a select destination by plane, train, etc. But now you had another option that felt more like an experience, where you could interact a little more than how you would interact with a photo of a place. Now with the internet, you can go anywhere in the world and experience all the visual experiences through services like Google Maps, or online website that mimic real world locations, or totally made up locations in video games, etc. 

Now this brings us to modern day, with the birth of the Metaverse. Where we can go anywhere using the internet though a computer or smartphone. You can enter a location and even see visually, hear audibly, interact with other people who may or may not be in that location. The metaverse is this place that exists. People spend hours building in the metaverse, through games, online galleries, virtual worlds and more. Imagine an artist can now create a painting where people can enter into the painting and experience it with similar experiences to a real world place. As the tech improves, things like VR and AR and even robotic/computer suits will help people make those metaverse experiences more and more real. 

Imagine an architect creates a virtual world that looks exactly like your childhood home. With VR glasses and sensors, you could meet with your friends and family in this virtual world. You can talk orally, which we do with video chat today. Imagine that you and those in the virtual world could move items in the virtual world and they would stay in place. You would be able to meet with someone who could be across the globe, but meet virtually in this replica of your home. You would be able to create things, have conversations, change the world around you and always come back to it at a later time. 

The metaverse is still being define, but it appears to be a mix of all the technologies we have seen through the 1990s through today. And it will continue to improve and change as people prefer.  

Web 1 & Web 2: "I'm going online"

Web 3 / Metaverse era: "I'm going into the metaverse"